big tech

week 1: big tech smiley generator
Generative flat illustrations in cheerful colors accompanied by office space buzzwords. Each composition sized as an Instagram post (1080x1080 px).

This Drawbot program generates random compositions of a perpetually smiling blob figure positioned in front of the Windows Bliss wallpaper, with a looming office buzzword floating in the background. As a mishmash of a reflection on Corporate Memphis/big tech illustration, some of the program's text is sourced from “Stupid Stupid Office Words.”

4KB. Python.

week 2: Remake and Pressurebound
Typetesting for journal of undergraduate work and collaborative project with hza.

Remake: started reorganizing the channel, created a Notion page for recordkeeping. First round of type lockups yields a primary body copy setup, now working on the exterior of the book.

Pressurebound: moodboard site created, made first drafts of posters to introduce the project.

This was a week of several in betweens, attention misplaced elsewhere.

assorted files. InDesign.

little lovely things

week 3: Untitled (little lovely things)
Finishing up a personal project put on hold.

Compiling text from a questionnaire I put out last summer, I designed a foldable poster that doubles as a book home to people's responses to the following three questions:

The poster contains quotes from Sea Oleena (Weaving A Basket), Bahamas ("Less Than Love"), Joy James, Grace Lee Boggs, and Mae Jemison.

8.5x11" (Letter).

Inspired by Ben Stokes’s Tiny Projects and notes from instructors to noodle around, this is a shed for all the stuff I’ll be making this summer (2021). The only goal is to have fun and mess around with different materials, exploring stray ideas and not worrying too much about the final polish of things.